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Pcb Capabilities


▌Capabilities for Rigid PCB (1)

Material Used:
FR-4、High Tg FR-405、FR-406、FR-408

Special Material:
Getek、GML 1000、Rogers/RO4003, 4350
Arlon、Teflon、Heavy Copper 3 oz

Maximum Panel Size:
21”× 24”( 530mm × 610mm )

Line width & Spacing:
Minimum Line Width (Internal) 4mil
Minimum Line Spacing (Internal) 4mil
Minimum Line Width (External) 4mil
Minimum Line Spacing (External) 4mil

Layer Count and Thickness:
Maximum Layer Count 16 Layer
Minimum Thickness (2 Layer) 12 mil
Minimum Thickness (4 Layer) 16 mil
Minimum Thickness (6 Layer) 18 mil
Maximum Thickness 197 mil

▌Capabilities for Rigid PCB (2)

Layer to Layer Registration:± 5 mil

Min SMT Pitch:10 mil

Via/Drill Size:
Minimum Drill Hole Diameter 10 mil
Minimum Via Size 8 mil

Hole to Hole tolerance  ± 3 mil

Hole to edge tolerance  ± 4 mil

Micro Via 4 mil

Hole Aspect Ratio 1 :8

Solder Mask:Solder mask Bridge Between solder dam

Solder mask Registration Tolerance
± 2 mil

Warpage:0.5 ﹪

Impedance Control:± 10 ﹪Regular

Surface Finish:
Hard Gold/HASL/Peelable mask/Carbon Ink /Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver/ENTEK.

▌Capabilities for Flex PCB

Material Used:Polyimide

Maximum Panel Size:
10"×15.8"(250 mm × 400 mm)

Line width & Spacing:4 mil

Copper thickness:1/3 oz

Layer to Layer Registration ± 5 mil

Via/Drill Size:
Minimum drill Hole Diameter  10 mil
Minimum Via Size  8 mil

Micro Via:4 mil

Surface Finish:
Hard Gold/Immersion Gold/HASL/Immersion Silver/Immersion Tin/ENTEK

PI、Flexible Solder Mask

Stiffener material:PI、FR4 and Metal
Shielding material:
Copper / Silver ink